Begin with the sunset, go on with karaoke and finish with the sunrise
You can start your evening quite early in Kota Kinabalu. Why not go down to the waterfront at around 6 p.m., sit down and take something to drink and after a while one of mother earth greatest shows take place when the breathtaking sunset is colouring the horizont in red, gold and purple. Just to sit there at the promenade or in some of the hotel gardens and watch the sun going down is the proof of our saying”…here dreams come true!”. The magic feeling is strengthened by the breeze and the palm treed islands in front of you. After your soul has got what it wants, it is time for your body.

When the sun is down, it´s time for dining. There are many first class restaurants, especially in the hotels, but why not escape to some eating places that looks a little different for a westerner, but where the food is excellent.

A passion in KK is another word that starts with K: Karaoke. Around the city you will find different places where you can sing in front of a big crowd or in private rooms together with friends. In most places there are a good mix of golden oldies and the latest hits. If you are not in the singing mood, there are places with live bands, in the bigger hotels every night. And if you like to stay up real late, you can get another highlight when you watch the sunrise. Not really so breathtaking as the sunset, but still an enjoyable experience.

The people Kadazan Dusun present their dances

Sitting outside on a warm evening and see the people Kadazan Dusun present their dances is an experience of a lifetime. Do not miss this when you are in Sabah and Kota Kinabalu.