Food shrimp coctail, Photo: Leif AlmoYou will be fascinated of the variety of cuisine offered not only in hotels and restaurants, but also by hawker’s stalls. Well, what can you expect when you have over 30 ethnic groups that present different flavours that tickle just about any brain chemical. In Kota Kinabalu you will get supreme taste adventures, with unusual names that will fascinate you, whatever you choose.

Fish heaven Photo: Leif AlmoIn Kota Kinabalu you will find first class chefs that serve award-winning meals at fine restaurants, giving you the pleasure of tasting international gastronomic marvels of all kinds. But you must also try the stalls in the night market; some of them will take you to eater’s heaven. Do not forget that Kota Kinabalu is a city by the sea, with a long fishing tradition, which means that the variety of fresh seafood dining is endless.