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In the heart of the town there is a giant Marlin Statue, excellent situated at the waterfront, with Pulau (island) Gaya in the background. This beautiful statue was inaugurated February, 2 year 2000 when Kota Kinabalu got city status.

The Marlin (Makaira indica) is a grand game fish of the same family as the sailfish, the Istiophoridae. It has an elongated body that in larger species can be in excess of 4 m long, a spear-like snout, and a long rigid dorsal fin which extends forwards to form a crest. Marlins are very fast and can swim 100 m in about 4 seconds. Their name comes from the elongate. There are striped marlin, black marlin, silver marlin, blue marlin and white marlin.

This statue is sponsored by the C.H.& Sons Group and built by Julit Metal & Stainless Steel Work.