Don´t miss the local papers
When you are travelling, the best way to learn about a destination is to read the local newspapers. With all respect for the Internet – behind is a Business Development and Internet company. It simply would be nice to lay down on the shore or at the pool, without a computer on your stomach. But more important, the local papers often gives you a possibility to learn to know the local atmosphere in some new ways.


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There are two main newspapers in Kota Kinabalu. Both are published in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Kadazan, and they have a 7-day publication. Both papers have editors and journalists of highest quality, that cover local, national and international news, financial news as well as entertainment and sports. You can get the newspapers in all main hotels.

Daily Express
Founded in 1963, Daily Express is today the largest daily newspaper in Sabah. The paper is a sister paper of Overseas Chinese Daily News (OCDN).

New Sabah Times is a quite new newspaper that was founded in 1998 by the publishing company Inna Kinabalu Sdn. Bhd. But the newspaper is also “Sabah´s first established paper” as it has its roots in Sabah Times that existed 1949-1995.