20070503-kaST-KpNK-TI2z (1)The lowland forests causes that Mount Kinabalu is often shrouded in mists and clouds, but in the mornings you can see how its granite massif dominates the surrounding landscape.

Climbers must be accompanied by guides at all times. The climb starts at the Kinabalu Park headquarters at 1,563m (5,128 feet). From there, climbers proceed to the Timpohon gate at 1800 m (5900 ft) and then walk on to the Laban Rata hut at 3300 m (10,800 ft). Hot food and beverages, hot showers and heated rooms are available at the hut.
Climbers have to leave the Laban Rata Hut before dawn to catch the magnificent sunrise at the peak.
The last 800m (2600 ft), from the Laban Rata hut at 3300 m to the summit at 4095 m, takes between 2 and 4 hours.