Take a walk in the rain forest
When marketing Sabah, the tourist authorities often present Sabah as the state with “Eco-treasures from mountain high to ocean deep”! And this is exactly what Sabah stands for. One of the main keys to balance the ecosystem is in many ways the lush tropical rain forests which in Sabah are some of the oldest in the world.


You can to go for a walk there or for a real jungle trekking – the choice is yours. A pleasant walking experience is the rainforest on the green Gaya Island, where different walking trails crosses. On Gaya Island you can explore mangrove swamp and lowland rainforest, but also a unique flora and fauna, including medicinal plants.

On the other hand, both close to KK and all over Sabah, you can try a real trekking, deep into the rain forests – on your own or with help from the local tour operators.